Your active holiday

Camping S’ena Arrubia is full of energy. Practising beach sports is a way to stay fit all year round. Make the most of your time in the company of friends and family and get involved in exciting challenges with your tent neighbours. Test your quickness and agility by competing in exciting beach volleyball and beach tennis matches. We offer two soft sand courts where you can have fun while letting the sun caress you.

Beach volleyball, choose the winning team S'ena Arrubia Camping

Beach volleyball, choose the winning team

Astuteness and good teamwork. Beach volleyball is a fast-paced and competitive sport that also requires good communication skills. Put together the best team and the sand field is ready to be animated by voices, laughter, and silent signals that speak of pure strategy. An experience for players of all ages, the important thing is to have fun!.

Sun sand and beach tennis S'ena Arrubia Camping

Sun sand and beach tennis

Alone or as a couple, if you want to tackle the game of beach tennis, remember that you only need a pinch of determination. A captivating experience that includes few rules, a low centre of gravity and a lot of skill to ensure that the soft ball stays in flight and goes over the net. Racket in hand and you’re ready to take the field!