Escape into nature at S’Ena Arrubia camping

A kaleidoscope of landscapes

Silence, song, and harmony are the soundtrack of your days at Camping S’Ena Arrubia, in the embrace of a natural landscape of incomparable beauty. Almost 12 hectares of fragrant, enveloping maritime pines, solemn and incomparable in their generous shade and undulating play of light, shelter us like a roof. They are a continuation of the 8 hectares of the historic Barany coastal pine forest, established to protect Arborea’s crops from the mistral wind.

Beyond the boundaries of the campsite, there are other worlds that you can freely explore on foot or by bicycle.
A few steps from the main entrance and you’re greeted by the beautiful stretch of water of S’Ena Arrubia, the lake whose name we are honoured to take. It is the kingdom of the elegant pink flamingos and the habitat of many marsh species.

On the other side, past a few soft dunes, a short path takes you to the gently shelving beach, displaying its vastness, its changing colours, the dynamics of the wind that become a wave or a smooth sheet to caress the long, never-crowded beach.

We’re waiting to welcome your spirit of adventure, and your desire to experience a slow-paced or active tourism holiday in Sardinia, with excursions, sports, relaxation and the pleasure of discovery.