The Campsite on the Arborea beach

Arborea, a wholly different beach

Camping S’Ena Arrubia is located a stone’s throw from Marina di Arborea, a delightful seaside discovery on the west coast of Sardinia, where you can spend your holidays with friends, family and your beloved four-legged friends. Here, the beach and sea are unique, as is every corner of this wonderful island that hosts us.
Savour each day in total freedom. The golden morning light filters through the crystalline transparency of the limpid sea and makes the fine grains of sand glisten. It is the best time to sunbathe, play water sports, have fun on the beach with the children or take a walk with your pet in the dedicated spaces.

Then, unpredictably, the westerly wind may blow the balls of Posidonia oceanica. This cherished aquatic plant protects the marine ecosystem, which is now protected by law and which we have always respected as an element of nature’s beautifully drawn picture.

In the evening, the sky belongs to the sunsets that remain imprinted on the eyes, their vibrant colours enhancing the line of the sea’s horizon and the fantastic shapes of the clouds, thus becoming the undisputed stars of evocative romantic atmospheres.
And finally comes the night, with the stars to guide you.

Posidonia, the plant that comes from the sea S'ena Arrubia Camping

Posidonia, the plant that comes from the sea

The presence of Posidonia oceanica on the beach of Arborea, which Camping S’Ena Arrubia overlooks, is a sign of a healthy, naturally protected and safe place for bathing. Underwater meadows and leaves fluttering or rolled up on the beach bear witness to the health of a marine ecosystem with clean, oxygenated water. And if this plant can sometimes bother you, we invite you to get to know it better and protect it as we do.

A question of iodine S'ena Arrubia Camping

A question of iodine

The sea is truly a panacea for the mind and body, a cure that you take in with every breath. What makes you feel so much healthier is the air, which is rich in iodine, an indispensable natural element, which we also ingest from certain foods, and which can relieve the symptoms of many illnesses. It travels in tiny suspended particles, a curious aerosol which includes an essential contribution from the stranded Posidonia.