Arborea, Oristano and the Oasis of S’Ena Arrubia

The natural oasis, a birdwatching paradise

Our campsite is located next to the S’Ena Arrubia lake, which is classified as an oasis of wildlife protection. A Site of Community Interest, declared a Wetland Protected Area by the Ramsar Convention in 1977.

The S’Ena Arrubia Oasis has a water surface area of approximately 300 hectares, home to lush vegetation including glasswort and maritime rush.
The waters of the lake are fed by artificial freshwater canals, the Sassu pumping station and the Sant’Anna canal.

The rich flora and abundance of available food offer a home to several species of marsh birds, some very rare ones nesting on its shores.
Many others are birds of passage, stopping over during migrations between the Mediterranean and Africa.

The oasis that regenerates S'ena Arrubia Camping

The oasis that regenerates

If you love nature you are in the right place! The name of the campsite, which is taken from the S’Ena Arrubia pond, comes from the Sardinian language and means “red stream”. This area is rich in wetlands. Nearby you will also find the pond of Corru S’Ittiri and the renowned lagoon of Marceddì. Mirrors of water that are essential for the delicate ecosystems they host, and which amaze and delight those who experience them.

Birdwatching among the ponds S'ena Arrubia Camping

Birdwatching among the ponds

Enjoy privileged contact with nature, listening to calls, verses, and vocalizing. If you are passionate about birds, at just a few steps from Camping S’ena Arrubia in the nearby ponds you will find a large heritage of species to observe, including coots, red and white herons, colourful mallards, ospreys, and a noisy colony of unmistakable pink flamingos, the most loved waders.