These regulations define the rules of conduct that guests and visitors of the Camping S’Ena Arrubia (“Property”) are required to observe within the Camping and is displayed at the Reception Office and published in extended form on the institutional website which can be reached at the address
Entering the Structure implies full acceptance of the Regulations.
REGISTRATION. In order to gain access to the campsite, it is necessary to be authorized by the management. For entry and stay in the campsite, it is compulsory registration of every single person. Upon arrival, guests are advised to take note of prices and conditions applied in the Camping Village and is required to deposit a valid ID. It is absolutely forbidden to bring unregistered people into the Structure.
BRACELET. Each registered Guest will be given a personal and non-transferable bracelet which must be worn for the entire duration of the stay and returned upon departure. The bracelet allows Guests access and permanence within the Structure and must be worn in a visible way. The guest who refuses to wear the bracelet will not be allowed access to the facility and will lose any amount already paid.
VISITORS. Customers are allowed to receive guests in the camping. The authorization regarding the entry of visitors is at the total discretion of the Campsite Management. Access to the Structure is allowed upon delivery of an identity document, on foot, only during Reception opening times. The permanence of visitors for a period longer than 1 (one) hour entails the payment of the visitor rate per person.
MINORS. Minors (< 18 (eighteen) years old) must be accompanied and stay with their parents or other persons or persons who have custody of them (subject to written authorization from the parents). The adults are responsible for the children's behaviour, which should always be supervised and accompanied to the toilet, to the beach, pool and playground.

HOUSING ALLOCATION. The assignment of accommodation and camping spaces is carried out according to the final decision of the Campsite Management. Where required and considered possible by management, the change of accommodation involves the payment of the highest fee (if any), as well as the extra payment of EUR 30,00 for cleaning costs. No refund shall be granted for changing of accommodation with lower rate than the originally booked.
HANDOVER OF ACCOMMODATION. The accommodation will be delivered from 16:30 to 20:00. The client must leave the accommodation in the last day of stay by 10:30. It will also be charged the day of departure if this takes place after 10:30.
It is possible to make use of the LATE CHECK-OUT (subject to availability, to be ascertained the day before departure) at a cost of 30.00 EURO which includes the accommodation to be available until 6 pm
PAYMENT E DEPOSIT. The payment of the balance must be made when checking-in. Guests are asked to leave at Reception the amount of € 100,00 as deposit that will be given back on departure, once the necessary checks have been carried out by the staff.

ASSIGNMENT OF PITCH. Guests must occupy the pitch assigned by Direction or wait for somebody to show them the designated pitch. Moving to another pitch, different from the one previously assigned, is forbidden. It is only allowed when if authorized by Direction.
Pitches are for one tent, camper or caravan only.
STAY IN CAMPSITE. It is calculated from whatever time on the day of arrival to 12:00 a.m. on the day of departure. After this time an extra day will be charged. In some periods of the season (e.g. in mid-August), it is possible to introduce a minimum stay. Groups of only minors are not accepted.
PAYMENT: Every kind of payment, amount due for the stay or other services are to be made during Reception opening times. When leaving, guests are required to show the payment receipt to our staff.

RESPECT FOR VEGETATION. It is strictly forbidden to damages trees, plants and vegetation and to hang hammocks or clothes lines between trees if not previously authorized by Direction. Digging channels or holes in the camping area is forbidden.
FIRE LIGHTNING. For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to light fires of any kind. Use of barbecue inside the premises is authorized only with a moderate wind, with particular reference to never leave a fire unattended, prohibiting the use of flammable liquids, paper, pine cones and dry branches for fire, in other words items that produce a flame which is not constant and which may emit sparks. The local authorities might apply stricter punishments according to Law in matter of protection and conservation of Cultural Heritage.
The use of gas stoves camping is allowed within a distance of over 1 meter from the surrounding vegetation.
It is forbidden to tamper with or use inappropriately specific firefighting equipment such as shovels, hoses and fire extinguishers.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Every guest must ensure maximum cleanliness within his camping place or accommodation. Rubbish must be thrown into the appropriate containers, in the separate waste collection area; the separate waste collection is compulsory. Guests in mobile home and house tent should leave the waste, separately collected, according to the instructions, outside the accommodation on the early morning, in order to be withdrawn by the staff, alternatively should be carried to the collect point.
The sewage disposal of any kind is forbidden outside of the appropriate points inside the Camping and indicated on the signposts (compulsory procedure for the unloading of sewage of caravans and campers).

USE OF CABLES AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. The supply of electricity to the pitches is 6 Amps – 220 volts and is calculated based on the consumption of equipment with low absorption power and compliant with CE regulations. It is not permitted to connect several appliances to a single electrical outlet. Guests are also requested to use the adapters appropriately. In order to prevent accidents and fires, it is prohibited to lay cables across through roads or affix cables to vegetation. Staff are explicitly authorized to remove immediately and without notice such cables laid not in accordance with that specified or those which do not possess connectors or plugs conforming to EEC regulations.

USE OF SOUND DIFFUSION DEVICES. The use of musical instruments, radios, televisions, computers and magnetic or digital music players is allowed exclusively during permitted hours and only at low volumes or using headphones to prevent disturbance to other guests. During quiet times guests may not make undue noise, use television, radio, or anything else that would disturb people’s rest.
QUIET TIMES: Silence must be observed from 24:00 to 08:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00 during May, June and September and from 24:00 to 08:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00 during July and August. During such times it is forbidden to put up or take down tents, to talk loudly, to drive cars or camper vans, behave in any loud way, this being equally valid for adults and children.
Service transport may circulate freely at any time of day or night.
The use of playground and sport facilities is not permitted from 21:30
PETS. Pets are allowed inside the camping. The animals must have the microchips and accompanied by the veterinary certificate. Upon arrival, the staff of the Camping can ask these documents, and in case the owners do not have the documents, the Management may prohibit access to animals in the Camping. Dog owners shall undertake to keep them on a leash.
It is forbidden to leave the animals alone inside the accommodation.
CHILDREND’S PLAYGROUND. Children under 12 years old are not allowed to play in children’s playground. The access to the park is only allowed to children accompanied by adults who are strictly responsible for them.
SPORT FACILITIES. The use of sport facilities (football, beach volley and beach tennis) is at the user’s risk. The campsite declines any responsibility for any damage caused by players to themselves or third parties during the use of the courts. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
CLOTHING. It is forbidden for adults and children to enter the bar and restaurant and reception area in costume or bare-chested and barefoot.
DISINFESTATION: During the season, regular rat extermination and mosquito disinfestation operations are carried out to ensure the maintenance of the highest hygienic conditions. On the days in which the disinfestation operations are carried out, the customer is asked to keep the doors and windows closed during the operation, and not to leave food or personal objects outside the accommodation. These operations are carried out in compliance with current legislation, using non-toxic components. We would remind our guests that the accommodation is located in the open countryside, and as such it may be subject to visits by ants, mosquitos, bees and other insects, as well as small field mice. Once you are aware of this, you are sure to be more tolerant. No objections, or requests for reimbursement or changes to accommodation shall be entertained if motivated by the presence of mosquitos.

The use of cars is authorized only for loading and unloading procedures (upon arrival and before departures) of tents, camping equipment and luggage, after these operations, no vehicles may circulate inside the campsite, except for the transport of disabled people. It is allowed only the transit from the side gate to the parking. The maximum speed is of 5 km/h. The frequent use of cars to unload shopping bags or similar is severely forbidden.
It is not allowed to keep any car close to the accommodations or in the pitch.
CAMPERS. Access to the campsite of Camper vans is permitted only to those regularly certified, including for the purpose of accommodation, via the competent authorities. Reception staff may require submission of such documentation.
In case of serious of health emergencies, natural calamities, dangerous situations for the public safety such as blaze, dangers at sea or other damaging events, guests must contact the staff of the campsite immediately or call the emergencies numbers indicated at the Reception.

GUESTS AND CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITIES. Customers and/or their guests are personally responsible to the Management and/or third parties for any damage to persons and/or property, direct and/or indirect, in any way caused because of behaviour taken as being in violation of the provisions of this contract and/or other regulations as applicable. Clients are required to keep strictly his or her belongings in a safe place.
CAMPSITE RESPONSIBILITIES. Any interruption of electricity and/or water supply, or of any other camping facilities, due to a breakdown or force majeure, entails no commitment by the Management to compensate the damages or to refund Guests in any way. The Management it is not responsible for the theft of items or money occurring on the premises and in its pertinences, for damage to cars, caravans, or other property caused by natural elements such as wind, rain and the like, of falling branches or pine cones or other vegetation.

The management has the right to send away persons responsible for vandalism, annoyance, bother, disobeying of this regulation. The management has the right to expel those persons who don’t respect the campsite’s rules or whose behavior disturb the other guest’s stay.