Arborea, Oristano and the Oasis of S’Ena Arrubia

Camping in Arborea in the heart of Oristano’s oasis

S’Ena Arrubia Camping is located in a strategic position in the heart of Arborea, Oristano, in the centre of Sardinia. From S’Ena Arrubia you can reach the most beautiful beaches of the coast of Orestano in minimal time, go on interesting excursions and discover the identity and traditions of this wonderful territory.
The Campsite overlooks the marvellous pond of S’Ena Arrubia, classified as a wildlife sanctuary Oasis, as a Community Site of Interest and declared a protected Wetland by the Ramsar Convetion in 1977.
The S’Enba Arrubia Oasis that Oristano Camping is named after has an aquatic surface of about 300 hectares in which rich aquatic vegetation thrives, including reed beds and Phragmites.
The waters of the S’Ena Arrubia pond maintain a constant level being continuously fed by artificial soft-water canals, through the low waters of the water pump of Sassu and by a small river called the Saint Anna canal.
Its rich vegetation and the abundance of fish attract various species of marsh birds, some of which are very rare, which nest in the banks, such as the Eurasian bittern, the purple heron, the red-crested pochard, the great reed warbler, and the common kingfisher. On their travels, however, are the coots, the cormorants, the grey herons, the gulls and the pink flamingos that take a break here during their migration between Africa and France.