The Campsite on the Arborea beach

Arborea: altogether a different beach

The Arborea beach opposite S’Ena Arrubia Camping is a large free-access beach that is ideal for those who love to enjoy the sea and the sun without having to deal with overcrowding.

The Arborea beach has a long sandy shore, rough and wild, and is surrounded by lush maritime pines that stand out through the beauty of the red sunsets over the sea.
The sea here is different from the Sardinian sea typically seen in pictures and postcards, the seabed is slightly darker, but its purity and clarity remain indisputable. An unmistakable sign of the cleanliness of the sea and sand is the presence of the Poseidonia Oceanica, a type of algae that especially favours uncontaminated and clean habitats. While not everyone appreciates the presence of the Poseidonia algae, we respect it as a natural, typical and protective element of its environment.

It is the ideal beach for families with small children and for anyone who wants nothing more from the beach and the sea than space, freedom and an abundance of nature.
Under the water the sea bed is undergoing slow erosion which allows even the smallest children to play comfortably in the shore.
On the beach there are no resorts or properties although there are kiosks and little cafes for refreshments along the seafront.

The Arborea beach is particularly exposed to the mistral wind and under such conditions it would be uncomfortable to lie out under the sun. No worries, take these moments as opportunities to enjoy the surrounding areas, for tours of the town of Arborea, or to go to the beautiful swimming pool in our Campsite.

Please note: a part of the beach is open and dedicated to four-legged friends!