Exciting experiences on the sea

Freedom, balance, relaxation and harmony. A few words to describe the benefits of the activities and water sports that you can practice during a stay at S’Ena Arrubia, your camp site by the sea in Sardinia.

Have you always wanted to be among the colourful sails chasing each other on the sea? Have you wondered if it is difficult to maintain your balance on a board? The time has come to experience the windy thrill of kitesurfing, manoeuvre a wing foil, and paddle on the water with an SUP. In order for you to have this experience, we offer the support of qualified instructors with whom you can take courses and personal lessons.

All the proposed activities are by reservation. To plan your days, contact our Kite’n’di partner, Enrico +39 346 3708923.

When the wind calls…go kitesurfing S'ena Arrubia Camping

When the wind calls…go kitesurfing

Take advantage of your holidays in Sardinia to learn or start enjoying kitesurfing again. Steering the wind and jumping among the waves is an exhilarating experience. You can attend private lessons or the school run by Kite’n’di instructors who will make you into a true kiter. Book your experience.

SUP and Yoga SUP, balancing on the sea S'ena Arrubia Camping

SUP and Yoga SUP, balancing on the sea

If you love walking on water, discover Stand Up Paddle, a sport that is easy to learn, especially under the guidance and expert eye of Kite’n’di instructors. And when everything is under control on the board, you can experience SUP yoga which combines and enhances meditation with all the benefits of aquatic activity. Book your experience.

Catch the wind with a wing foil S'ena Arrubia Camping

Catch the wind with a wing foil

When you stay at S’Ena Arrubia, you’ll discover that the wind is a great friend. When it comes to being propelled by its energy, it really is your greatest ally. Let it drive you over the waves or into the sail. With the practice of wing foiling or wing surfing, you experience the thrill of flying on water. There are just a few steps to learn with a certified instructor from the Kite’n’di team. Book your experience.